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Privacy Policy For Face Tag

This is the privacy policy for Face Tag and Face Tag Free.

Where we refer to "personal data" in this privacy policy we mean any data that may
 identify you as an individual.

Protecting your personal data and maintaining your trust is core 
to our mission at androidslide.

Below is an explanation of each of the app's permissions:
- android.permission.CAMERA
  - for taking photos

- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE / android.permission.INTERNET
  - to check for updates to the app, allow sharing via Facebook , voting the app

- android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  - to show existing photos in the built-in gallery

- android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  - to save new photos

We will not sell your personal data to third parties.

We do not request user names, passwords, or other login information.

For any other queries, please email us at

Face Tag

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Managing your photos has never been easier and more fun! Save space and time and share the memories fast with your friends (mass e-mailing of tagged photos).
With a few clicks you add (name) tags on your photos and the app creates automatically virtual folders for every tag you make (without taking up additional space in your SD card).
You can then take control of your photos:  Share (via e-mail) the virtual folders, move, add/delete Tags and virtual folders easily and quickly with just two clicks.
Relive the memories with your friends by sharing with them the photos you have stored in your mobile.
Watch the video and start tagging/sharing!

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AppsToSD Pro

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-Would you like to move fast and easily apps from your phone to the SD memory?
-Would you like to move fast and easily apps from your phone to the SD memory?
-Would you like to transition between pages of your installed apps in a easy &  beautiful way?
-Would you like to see the usage of the phone, card and apps with simple and nice graphs?
Then this app is for you! Do not miss it!!

It is a application that presents the applications that are installed in the appliance, separated in 4 windows:
- SDcard
- Appliance
- System applications
- Applications that are moved

 In each window, for each app is presented the following information:
Name of app, version code, size of data, size of cashe memory, size of code and size of app.

With a click on app, you have the following possibilities:
-you see moreover information (from app 'Details of app ' appliance)
-you run the application
 -uninstall the app (through app 'uninstall ' appliance)
-move app to sd

You can sort the apps at:
 -size of data
 -size of cachememory
 -size of code
 -size of app
 -date of first installation

Transition effects between pages:

 Multiselection apps for moving or deleting with simple 'clicks'...

You can clean cache memory with simple 'click'

 Select ListView Animation:

Option to show/hide System Apps

Show all charts with simple swipes  in a viewpager

Exists Chart that show the capacity of sd card, internal memory (Total and Available) and
the installed applications in the card and in the appliance.

Exists widget initial screen that shows:
 (the applications of system, the capacity internal and external memory (Total and Available)),
which is updated with simple click on widget.

You can simply search for apps, move apps , manage apps and all them with simple 'clicks'.

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